Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alkaff Mansion Terrace

We have been visiting a few potential wedding venues for meals. 
Alkaff Mansion is a very gorgeous place, old victorian vibe and super romantic, especially the cascading stairs and that fountain. Unfortunately, the venue was way beyond our budget though.

Settled for brunch at the terrace area outside. 
The pancakes stack ($8.80) was visually stunning, Layers of bananas and blue berries in between perfectly cooked pancakes. Tasted pretty good too though the blueberry sauce was a tad too sour. I like my pancakes sweet.

Great scrambled eggs and that mushroom with brie was probably the best thing. I love my cheese! Breakfast platter ($12.80)

I am not sure if anyone would travel all the way to Alkaff just for brunch but do pop by if you happen to be hiking around the area. Btw prices here are very reasonable!

Alkaff Mansion
10 Telok Blangah Green
Singapore 109178

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