Thursday, April 30, 2015


Dont you just love brunching at CBD area on a weekend? So empty and parking is so effortless

SPRKMRKT is an airy bright cafe featuring a small retail space (with super overpriced cutlery and kitchenware I must say)

Overall I found brunch here to be disappointing but maybe I just ordered the wrong stuff?


Curly fries was tasty (and what a huge portion!) but tad too oily and salty after awhile


Eggs benedict



and poached egg with corned beef hash

Both egg dishes were slightly underdone and tasted ok, somewhat lackluster. Would also prefer a bun instead of mashed potatoes, the overall effect of the dish was just too lacking in crunch for me. (no the tiny bits of croutons didnt help)

2 McCallum Street
6221 2105

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