Monday, October 21, 2013


Another wedding recce and I loveeeee this place.  I always wanted to get married outdoors but Singapore's unpredictable weather makes finding an outdoor venue pretty risky. The outdoor dining area of Nosh is lovingly sheltered (with overhead fans so its not hot!) and really pretty with the white picket chairs and sweet pink cushions. The glass bar and archway feature were bonus points.

I could see myself getting married here. Alas, we seem to be having really bad luck with wedding venues, Nosh is still trying to sort out some lease issue and cant confirm the dates soooo back to more scouting sigh.. 

Anyway dinner at Nosh was good. 

complimentary fried bread. 

Very refreshing cocktail (watermelon, lemongrass and gin)..sigh this would have made a really good welcome drink for guests

 Started with the seared scallops, a decent portion and very nicely cooked. 
The parsnip puree in particular was delicious (i love baby-type food)

Kurobuta Pork Belly with sweet potato mash. The mash was the star of the dish (what did I say about baby food eh). I couldnt stop spooning the mash into my mouth, the pork was nice but if I had the option of replacing the pork with more of that mash, I would gladly agreed. 

I really enjoyed the food here, pity about the lease if not our venue issues would have been settled sighhhhh

9 Rochester park
Singapore 139220

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