Saturday, July 20, 2013

Revisit: Mikuni

Back at my favorite Japanese restaurant! Why do I love it? Food is consistently good, excellent service and huge variety. Unfortunately, only somewhat affordable because of my FAR card.

Started off with a lovely bottle of Sake, very sweet and fragrant. Taking a picture for future reference

We get to pick which cups we would like to use :)

Some of the highlights of the meal :

 Sashimi  plate - fresh and super colorful. The tuna and scallop in particular were excellent.

We ordered a couple of rolls, the best was the Salmon Skin (crispy skin + avocado + cream cheese)

Melt in your mouth Wagyu beef. Orgasmically good, a must order. Look at the cross-section of the meat!

Paired with foie gras. This was the best foie gras I have ever eaten; perfectly good and sinfully rich. 

The cutest desert ever.  Chocolate 'soil' and strawberry ice cream

With the tiniest tomatoes (how is it even possible?)

Fairmont Singapore Level 3
80 Bras Basah Road

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