Friday, July 12, 2013

Boracay Travel Diary Pt 3

A quick round up of my remaining Boracay photos

Amazing view of the entire island from the top of the viewing tower (we atv-ed to the tower)
I can never get enough of clear blue skies, the sun and that gorgeous sparkling sea

Headed to Talipapa where you can purchase fresh seafood from the wet market and ask the neighbouring restaurants to cook them for you. A bit of a touristy place I must admit but the seafood was very fresh and delicious. The oysters were darn cheap, 1kg for $2.50! In total, we spent about $120 for 7, including a couple of crabs, fishes and squid.  Remember to bargain.

Our last dinner at Dos Mestizos, a pretty decent Spanish restaurant along White Beach. The main draw was the tapas buffet! All you can eat meatballs, Spanish omelette, shrimp and about 10 other dishes.
Their squid ink paella was pretty good too.

Ended the night with some fire-dancing show and listening to the most amazing, heart-melting, sigh inducing voice at the Bom Bom Bar. This is a reggae bar with awesome atmosphere; audience singing and dancing along, a hilarious (and extremely talented band). We regretted only discovering this place on our last night.

Night life in Boracay is awesome. You will be spoilt for choices given the sheer number of bars and pubs lining white beach. Speckled along the beach are also various sources of entertainment including fire-dancing, people selling various lighted (and dancing) merchandise, entrepreneur-ing  youngsters building the most magnificent sand sculptures  (they charge if you want to get a picture!)

Boracay was a most beautiful and magical experience. Will definitely be back.

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