Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

Why are nice brunch places always so far away? 
Skyve for example, is at Winstedt road, where is that I am not sure but I know I have to cab there.

I like Skyve, it is spacious, bright and cheery. I like that the familiar items on the branch menu are done with a slight twist, jolting you out of your comfort zone but only by that much.

The eggs ben for example, was cooked sous-vide style and served with corn and portobello mushroom.
Well I hate corn but that aside, the eggs were so soft and runny and I love the salad of rocket leaves.

Ricotta pancakes with banana and almond, another classic dish with a slight twist. The pancakes were good, if you like yours slightly dense. 

Prices were very reasonable and overall, I was very happy with brunch here. 

Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar
10 Winstedt Road, Blk E #01-17 
+65 6225 6690 

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