Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sky on 57

To celebrate our 5th anniversary (!!! half a decade!!) we decided to try out one of the celebrity restaurants at Marina Bay Sands.
Sky on 57 by Justin Quek, because we wanted a meal with a view.

So, the view was fantastic. Located on the sky garden of MBS, we had a splendid view of the city landscape and CBD area. Really pretty.

Bread choices include the onion, cheese bun, focaccia and sour dough. I think this was the onion.
Unfortunately the bread wasnt served warm so it wasnt really good.

An array of keropok was also served, this was actually really good.
Very fresh and crispy and super addictive. 

Sky on 57 being a Asian/Fusion restaurant, so there were quite alot of interesting items on the menu. Though not sure how much people are willing to pay for laksa (albeit with lobster). 

Anyway, I got the Asia tasting menu while the boy decided on ala carte options.

Ala Carte : Foie Gras Xiao Long bao.
While this was decent, I didnt really think it was anything spectacular. I think if you had gave me the XLBs from Ding tai fung, I wouldnt have been able to tell the difference.

Set: Mushroom Cappuccino 

Served in a cute little espresso cup. Thought it was decent but again, nothing fantastic.
Slightly too watery, I like my mushroom soup chunky.

Ala Carte: Trio of Seafood

This dish was beautifully presented. The steamed escargot in spinach leaf and the fresh oyster in yuzu dressing was great. The oyster was particular good, very fresh with that salty salmon roe. 
The Foie Gras Parfait (why is this even included in a dish called trio of seafood? ) failed to impress. 
I have never been a fan of foie gras and this was too creamy for me.

Set: King Scallop with braised leeks.
Ahh this scallop was huge, fresh, sweet and juicy.  Scallops + bacon = winning combi. No complains here.

Ala carte: Tenderloin with lobster 
Ahhh the beef, tender and juicy. Very flavorful and the presentation! 
The beef and lobster was paired with this Asian-inspired sauce which was so savory and flavorful that I kept stealing it. 

Set: Aged Beef

In comparison, my beef wasnt that fantastic. It was still yummy but perhaps the quality of meat wasnt as good as the one on the ala carte. The presentation was still excellent though.
I cant get over the tiny vegetables!
why is the bak choy so small! How do i get my hands on those tiny carrots?!

Set: Palette cleanser of lime sorbet with vodka emulsion.
Very light and tart. Served its purpose I guess

The symphony of dessert was gorgeous. Pretty as a picture, I couldnt bear to eat it!
We were told to eat it in a clockwise direction, starting from the peach sorbet.

The Pandan and Gula Java macaroon was excellent. Hands down the star of the show.
Sweet, salty with that tinge of caramel and that delightful pandan essence. So Asian yet not so at the same time. Even though I was beyond stuffed, I would gladly wolf down about 5 more.
The banana fritter (or goreng pisang) was fantastic as well. Very light and crispy batter. Its amazing how they managed to take a simple hawker desert  and just elevate to something so much more.

I was pretty glad I stopped the boy from ordering more deserts because they decided to shove more desserts to us.

Dough cakes with chocolate sauce which was sinfully good.

And a much needed fruit platter.

View from the top:

Singapore can be so beautiful sometimes.
Yes I do have a love-hate relationship with my homeland.

So would I come here again? Well...maybe for the desserts and the set lunches (which are very reasonably priced). The dinner menu was overpriced to me, food was decent but not THAT fantastic and def not worth our $400.  Service did not match up to expectations as well, given that Sky is meant to be a fine-dining restaurant. 

PS. Justin Quek came out in the middle of our meal to mingle with the tai-tais and some media people. I was honestly surprised that he would be in the kitchen. 

You can view more of my photos on our flickr page

Sky on 57
Tower one, sky park level 57
Marina Bay Sands
Dress code: Smart casual
Tel: 6688 8857 
( be warned, reservations can be a bitch)


  1. Nice to read your experiences!!:) How strict was the dresscode? Werr jesns totally forbidden(men)? Or were jeans seen...

    1. Hi Jenny, I dont think it was that strict. Jeans , a dressy shirt and covered shoes should be fine