Friday, March 11, 2011

Revisiting Artichoke Cafe and Bar

After that great dinner at Artichoke, I decided I needed to go there to try the brunch menu.
I wasnt disappointed.
Each dish was a solid "mmmmm"

What is brunch if not comforting? And this bangers and mash dish consist of nothing short of that. 
Chorizo and country sausage balls on mash with brown gravy, sunny side egg 
perfect hang-over dish in my opinion

Toast + Poached eggs + Spanish ham + rocket leaves
Like I said before..mmmmm

My order. Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, toast and the maple glazed bacon chop.
Now the eggs were creamy and fluffy and the toast, perfectly crispy.
But the star of the dish is definitely the bacon chop. 
Melt in your mouth tender, sweet and just wonderfully sinful

Deserts on the other hand, was abit of a let down. 
Date pudding with smoked milk custard, peanut caramel and sea salt.
I liked the peanut caramel on top but this date pudding was not as intense as I would like it to be. Give me the PS one any day.

One hella of a messy desert with meringue, whipped cream, berries, jam and a whole mess of other things.
Cloyingly sweet which was not something I fancied that much.

161 Middle Road
Sculpture Square
6336 6949 (please make a reservation!)

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