Wednesday, March 30, 2011

revisiting: Forty hands

Forty hands must be my favorite place for coffee, just because the coffee is so darn good!
After my last visit, I decided to come back again with the girls.  Place has gotten way more popular, not a good thing esp when its not a large cafe to begin with!

ahhh my coffee.. so rich and creamy and just perfect.
I will be a very happy girl if I can drink a cup of this everyday

After the rather disappointing eggs ben the last visit, I opted for the big boy breakfast.
This was much better and satisfying :) 

The baked eggs on top of a pile of mushrooms were decent too 
What got us really excited was the truffle fries, which were delightfully fragrant and sinful. 

While food at Forty hands will not wow you, the coffee more than make up for it. 
I think my only gripe with this place is how cramped it has gotten to be. My second visit with friends was quite an uncomfortable (and hot!) dining experience. 

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