Sunday, November 14, 2010

Werner's Oven

Werner's Oven is a cosy German restaurant in the middle of Siglap that has quite the following
As far as German food goes, this place was good. Much better than Brotzeit or Paulaners in my opinion. 

Started with the Fritierter Camembert Käse
- Breaded cheese served with cranberry sauce ($9.80)

A huge slab of cheese, definitely an appetizer for sharing amongst friends

When one goes to a German restaurant, the must orders are beer and sausages, so thats exactly what we did. The sausage came served with sauerkraut and potato salad. Pretty decent.

The grilled chicken (served with fries and salad) was tender and tasty.
Though nothing really special in my honest opinion. But really cheap though!

The ubiquitous Pork Knuckle! Only order this dish if you are sharing (or if you are a really huge fan of pork). The pork knuckle here was good, tender meat with the most delicious mashed potatoes. 
Very good value for money too at $21.50

The winning dish of that night in my opinion was the Ox-tail stew
Rich in flavor with that intense depth and ox tail so tender its falling off the bones. Dip your bread into the stew and you are set. Mmmm

6 Upper East Coast Road, #01-01/02/03

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