Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seafood Paradise

When i have a craving for Seafood, the first place I think of is Seafood Paradise.
Yes, Jumbo, long beach etc might be the traditional places that we grew up eating but Seafood Paradise just serves better quality food. There.

Went here for my Mum's birthday dinner and ordered the set dinner.

The soup of the day, lovingly doled out by the waitress at the restaurant. 
Tender pork ribs, soup that was boiled for several hours. No complains here and I am a true-blue cantonese. I know my soup.

The veg dish - bean sprouts with salted fish. 
It was done well.

Tofu with prawns. Ah this was good. Soft melt-in-your mouth pillows of tofu with plump prawns.
Great with rice!

One of seafood paradise's signature dish is their coffee pork ribs.
And I love this dish! Sweet and savory, with those charred bits and that tiny hint of coffee to keep you coming back for more. 

The assam fish which was great for people who likes the sour taste of assam.
The fish was really fresh as well

And of course, the dish of the night. The one MUST-ORDER dish at Seafood Paradise.

The Butter Crab. Ah the sauce! SO. GOOD. 
Dip your mantou into it and just savor it. Sweet, salty, rich, creamy. Delightful.
Drizzle over your rice, your veg, basically everything. 
A word of caution: this sauce is really heaty, so try not to go overboard or you may end up with a nasty throat.
Remember to make reservations!

Seafood Paradise
91 Defu Lane 10
#01-01 Swee Hin Building
6487 2429

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