Friday, December 12, 2014

Tokyo Diary Pt 5 - July 2014

Only in Japan - weirdly shaped, ridiculously expensive fruit. I love going to the supermarkets, all sorts of interesting stuff to see + free samples! 

Popped by Uoriki Kaisen Sushi (B1 Tokyu Dept store, connected to Shibuya station) for another sashimi breakfast. The fish here was extremely fresh and so cheap! Highly recommended!

Chirashi Don

My sushi set. So good.  (Btw this cost less than SGD20) 

I amused the chef by butchering my request for uni sushi. But omg, this was so good and fresh I basically moaned in the restaurant eating this. And only SGD3. Sigh I miss Japan. 

At the museum of yebisu beer which was quite disappointing, far too small; we completed the tour in about 15 mins. 

Our favourite place in Tokyo - Uniqlo! I spent at least $500 there but I just love the basics, so comfy + Tokyo has a large range of cool tees + 11 floors Uniqlo -gasp-

big bowl of sukiyaki pork on rice (btw this was a small) at a random vending machine shop 

Day trip to Odaiba, so much fun. I love looking at all the vintage stores here including the old school arcade 

And old school sweets 

Whats Japan without some robots

Gorgeous view on the train towards odaiba

Rounded off our last night in Nagoya where we indulged in bbq once again. Awesome being able to order the best cuts of meat and paying a fraction of what we expect to pay in Singapore. Who says food in Japan is expensive!

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