Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tokyo Diary Pt 4 -July 2014

Woke up (not-so) bright and early for brunch at Tsukiji Market! If you love sashimi as much as I do, this place will probably be disneyland to you (as it was for me). 

Skipped the long queue at Sushi Dai and Daiwa, I have been to this market a couple of times and honestly, I think the rest of the stores are comparable in terms of quality and price.

And...my order! Skipped the carbs and went straight for the fresh sashimi - crab, salmon, tuna, scallop and of course my favourite the sea urchin. So good, so fresh and so cheap, the above prob cost about SGD40+, to think that price would probably get you about half that amount of uni alone  back in SG, and not even as fresh.
The chef and queue handler were too cute, offering to take pictures of us before eating. Talk about good service.

Walked off our huge breakfast by heading down to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine and the Yushukan museum,dedicated to those who died fighting for Japan. The museum has been accused of revising the accounts of Japan's actions in world war 2 and wow, lets just say it was an extremely interesting and eyebrow-raising experience. Now I understand why no photography was allowed specifically in the WW1 and WW2 exhibits. 

Tendon Tenya tempura, a fastfood chain in Tokyo selling super cheap and good tempura. A meal cost ~SGD10 and features crispy delicious tempura. Now who says you can't get cheap food in Tokyo. This one was the branch at Harajuku

Another long walk down the crowded streets of Harajuku to take in the crazy sights and sounds of Tokyo. I can never get anything here (too out-there for me!) but I love the atmosphere. 

Of course, the only thing we bought was food. Freshly cooked chocolate callbee chips (super shiok!) 

and of course, the famous crepes. 

Dinner at a bbq restaurant near our hotel where I satisfied my craving for beef tongue. So hard to find good ones in Singapore! Yes, we did eat all day in Japan. 

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