Saturday, November 29, 2014

Takayama Diary Pt 2 - July 2014

Decided to explore the mountain on day 2 of our trip.

buses here are few and in-between, we ended up walking around, breathing in the fresh air. Even walked thru a tunnel! It  was a pretty cool experience though the cars driving past were deafening. 

A quick bus ride up the mountain and then we were at the Northern Alps, with a long ropeway (or cable car) that brings you all the way up. The ropeway was divided into 2 sections, with one being double-deckered - pretty awesome.
The view of course, was stunning. 

Rest stop in between where one can opt to go enjoy the hot spring or just dip your feet into a pond and relax

Even random lunch at the rest stop was good

Alas, it was a tad too misty that day so our view at the top looked like that. Still pretty cool though, being surrounded by so many mountains.

And back to our awesome dinner. This time we opted for Hida beef in Sukiyaki style and cooked in miso. 

The beef still as melt-in-your-mouth good as the day before. I could never get sick of this.

So my verdict of the ryokan experience?
It was great, just 2 days of being pampered with good food and resting in the peace and tranquility of the moutains and nature. Of course, 2 days were more than enough especially for city dwellers like myself who need the lights, sound and hi-speed internet. 

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