Friday, October 31, 2014

The Clan Restaurant

Celebrated my hen's night at The Clan Restaurant; we wanted to have a nice classy dinner just myself and the bridesmaids before departing for a night of clubbing and general debauchery which I promptly forgot about the next morning.

So the restaurant looked pretty classy so it was surprising how reasonably priced set dinners are. $70++ gives you 6 courses, of which each course (except the chef's starter) gives you a variety of 4-5 items which you can choose from. Talk about variety man

So this was the chef starter comprising a crab meat salad, a soup and something I can't quite remember (told you the entire night was but a blur) but all I know was that everything tasted nice and 3 dishes for the chef's starter!

Next the cold dish course of which I chose the oysters 3 ways

oyster + raw egg in a shot glass, oyster on ice and marinated in a yuzu tasting broth
I was apprehensive of shooting down a raw egg + oyster but it tasted pretty good

Next up, the side dish which I chose tempura soft shell crab w citrus sauce

The tempura was nice and crispy and went well with the sauce. Love the presentation!

Now the soup dish - I had mushroom soup with truffle paste.

Great texture and taste. no complains. By now we were getting full and still there was the main course

Most of the ladies chose the prime beef cooked on hot lava stone. 

Yes I did regret not getting this dish, look how gorgeous the meat looked

I opted for the pork ribs w pumpkin puree which was nicely done 

No pics of the dessert, I had a cheesecake - desserts were probably the weakest part of the meal. All the ones we had were average at best.

Service was lovely and attentive; and when they heard it was my hen's night, I got presented with a slice of carrot cake with this hilarious message. Kudos to the Clan Restaurant.

Not to be outdone, my girlfriends presented me with the most filthy cupcakes ever. Win

18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089832

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