Sunday, October 26, 2014

Operation Dagger

Another trip down the rabbit hole, this time round to an underground bar so hipster it doesnt have a sign. Yes just its operating hours written on a wall, an arrow and a weird logo.


So mysterious right? One cant help but feel kinda excited walking down. 

Well, I certainly didnt expect this.  Some 3000 light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, guaranteed to make every trypophobian uneasy. 

The rest of the decor kinda resembled a lab/apothecary. At least a slick, muji styled version.

We got cool flame grilled lemon meringue things with our cocktails

I got the SNOW - drink with hints of yuzu complete with yogurt balls within a while chocolate cup. 
I like the sweet elements of this drink but it was at room temperature which I wasnt a big fan of. Make my cocktails chilled pls.
Oh thats a bar snack - puffed wild rice (no fries or wings mind you)

A more refreshing drink with hints of sesame and ginger, complete with a cucumber to munch on.

Us, looking down into the bar. 

Very cool place, too hip for its own good maybe. 

B1-01 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791

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