Monday, September 30, 2013

Vineyard @ Hortpark

One of several restaurants we visited in a bid to find the perfect venue for our wedding. 
Unfortunately this was not the place. 

Venue-wise, Vineyard had a lovely location, with the sprawling hort park outside perfect for solemnization. The restaurant itself was too small for us though.

That aside, food was average to below average with really sloppy service (spilled wine, absent-minded waiters, error in bill etc)

 Short ribs that were not fall off bones soft so nothing much to say other than I have had better (apologize for the grainy photos, the lightning was bad)

 Same goes for the duck confit

 Vineyard's menu is a mis-match of cuisine  from italian to thai and perhaps that lies its problem, sometimes I think its better to just specialize in something rather than attempt it all eh? A pretty place to dine in but alas food not quite up to standard.

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