Sunday, September 8, 2013

Botan Japanese Restaurant

Trekked our way through China Sq to Botan on the recommendation of a friend.

 Botan menu is extensive, aside from the usual sashimi and fried dishes, they do japanese porridge, hot pot dishes, even one whole page of tofu dishes. Got the Chirashi bento ($33) from the Dinner set menu. 
Boy, what a bento. Starting from top right, we have the side dish of the day (deep fried pumpkin and salmon), a mish mash of ingredients (including conch, crab claw, corn), deep fried chicken wing, tempura and finally the chirashi. 

Truthfully, I thought the bento was overwhelming and confusing. I ended up not eating much of the side dishes and only my sashimi. (The pink stuff - its sugar and some seaweed, kinda weird). I am sure there will be some who like so much variety but I think I will stick to simple fish and rice next time.

That said, the sashimi was fresh and prices here are very reasonable. I wont mind coming back to try some of the other stuff on the menu

Botan Japanese Restaurant
#01-01, 36 Pekin St

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