Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boracay Travel Diary Pt 1

 Boracay, home of the beautiful beautiful beaches. Getting there was one heck of a journey though,  with 2 flights + a ferry ride just to get onto the island. I heard there are direct flights from Sin to Kalibo now (we made the trip in March) which is great news!

Our very tiny plane bringing us to the island of Kalibo. Cebu Pacific is probably the only airline that features interactive games with the passengers, too cute.

Lovely clear blue skies at the airport.

 Ride to our accommodation. Boracay is a pretty tiny island (you can probably cover the entire island on foot in about half a day) so these tricycles are the easiest way to get around. One tri fits 3-5 (depending on how you squeeze and hang on to each other) and cost about 10-50 pesos/pax (depending on your bargaining skills). 

View from our apartment, never seen such gorgeous waters, the view was spectacular

Love our deck

Our beachfront apartment (mangoriders) which fit the 7 of us quite cosily and for a pretty low price (thank you airbnb). We were located on Bulabog beach, very well known beach for kite surfing. As can be expected, the sea breeze was fantastic. Bulabog is about a 10 min walk from the more tourist-friendly white beach. So its actually a great place to stay if you prefer to live away from the hustle of bustle of the crowd.

 Fruit shakes - we drank about 4 of these everyday. 
Philippines is known for mangoes, so the mango shakes here are one of the sweetest and richest you will ever taste. 

Pork Adobo 

 Lovely clear water although for some reason, parts of the sea were infested with algae. Nonetheless, the white sand, infinite blue sky coupled with the clearest water made for one of the most beautiful sights. 

White beach - it is pretty touristy. A long stretch of restaurants, cafes, bars, diving shops and massage parlors. 

You cant leave White beach without trying the famous Jonah's fruitshake. This place must have about 40 different flavors. 

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