Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bistro Soori

Celebrated my 27th with the boy at Bistro Soori. Have been incredibly blessed this year with so many birthday celebrations; as you get older birthdays seem to be less and less important but its always nice to sit down and have a nice meal, reminiscing about the good o' days with friends.

Bistro Soori claims to serve contemporary modern cuisine with a refreshing twist. Bold claims, and while I am not too sure my meal had a refreshing twist (what is that even?), it was a good meal.  The restaurant is small, sits maybe 50 with a cozy intimate feel. 
I really like the resort-chic decor, very Bali-esque 

Cant have a nice meal without some red

Starters was the seared scallop with cauliflower veloute and truffle. Best dish of the night, the scallop was seared perfectly with that touch of sweet rawness in the middle. The creamy cauliflower sauce and truffle just elevated the entire dish. 

Scallop, uni and prawn risotto. Isnt this one darn sexy dish? Featuring more of those delightful scallops from before and I thought the chef was very generous. However, I felt that the chef was a tad too heavy handed with the seasoning and at times, I felt the risotto trying to overpower the seafood.

The ribeye, took a bite and it was not bad. 

The molten chocolate cake. I am not fussy when it comes to this dish, as long as the insides are still liquid and the chocolate is sufficiently rich I am satisfied. And this dish fulfills both criteria.

Service was fuss-free and good, complimentary valet parking is offered so no worries on parking lots. Will be back to try the short ribs (most tables were ordering that!)

Bistro Soori
No. 2 Teck Lim Road 
Singapore 088385
T. +65 6438 3802

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