Friday, April 5, 2013

The Disgruntled Chef

Starting dinner with a lovely strawberry mojito. The version here was sweet, tangy and refreshing.

lamb shortribs, very tender and flavorful. 

Bone marrow, how would you describe the taste to someone who has never tried it?
A friend " like the gooey stuff behind the fish's eye". I dont think this will edge the unadventurous eater forward eh but the marrow here was not bad though I thought the garnishing over-powered the dish

Beef! Very juicy and I love the truffle mash. Tiny portions though

Cod fish was my favorite of the day. Nestled on a bed of warm spinach, the fish was fatty and cooked perfectly. You can hardly go wrong with cod and this was done beautifully.

I like the disgruntled chef but I thought the portions were too small and we left feeling not too satisfied. 
Starting to feel that restaurants who brand themselves as  'communal-style dining' places are really just serving up tapas size main courses, forcing diners to rake up their bill with multiple small dishes. 
Not cool.

The Disgruntled Chef
26B Dempsey Road
(Facing Tawandang MicroBrewery) 

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