Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keong Saik Snacks by Jason Atherton

Another celebrity chef, another casual hip dining place. Got to try them all yes?
Keong Saik Snacks has all the makings of the place to be at - tiny (hence exclusive), located next to a secret bar(!) and on the painfully chic Keong Saik Street. 

And as expected as these places, portions are small, prices are not.

DIY tuna tartare was fun to eat, served with tiny cups of condiments, mix everything up and choose how you want your tartare to taste. 

Garlic chilli fries - pretty tasty

Kimchi burger - didnt taste much kimchi in the burger but was not too bad. Tiny though!

Best dish of the night was the special of that night -Guinness beef pot pie. Break apart the flaky buttery pastry and you are greeted with a (tiny) potful of smokey tender flavorful beef stew. How I wish the portions were bigger! 

Keong Saik Snacks
49 Keong Saik Road

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