Friday, February 15, 2013


The best meal I had in 2012 happened only just as the year was ending. 
I love spanish food, theres something so delightful about having small plates of many many things to try. Maybe thats why I love dim sum and tapas, so much variety!
Its hard to find good tapas in Singapore despite the number of Spanish restaurants that have been sprouting; Lolla is the best that I have tried. 

Small, dark, intimate. We had a good view of the chefs putting together delicate plates of food. 

The famous squid ink pudding. We were drooling when the chef pulled out a tray of urchin and starting spooning some onto the pudding. The pudding was sublime, the single best thing I have eaten in 2012. 
The strong sea taste of the pudding paired wonderfully well with the sweet sea urchin, achieving that balance of sweet/salty/umami-ness.  If I were eating this at home, I would have probably licked the bowl clean. $19 for a tiny portion but sooo good. Must try.

Grass-fed ribeye steak, $52. Wonderfully seasoned and perfectly cooked. The meat was on the fatty side though I am sure many would love this.

Chorizo and potatoes ($16), I love any dish with a runny egg on top. 

Tuna tartare, the 2nd best dish of the night.
I love the zesty clean dressing and the tuna was pretty darn fresh. 

Donuts with lemon curd ($12)
Pretty but it was alright, I would rather stick to the savory dishes

Overall a darn good meal. Pricey (About $100/pax for the 3 of us) but worth it for the experience. 
Now if only the chairs werent so uncomfortable...

22 Ann Siang Road
Tel: 64231228 (no reservations)

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